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Scroll down to see our super cool WDN WORKS barman board

This wooden Barman board should live on your bar counter. It is perfectly designed for life around the bar. Prepare cocktails, slice anything from lemons to biltong, serve snacks, pour shots, and display drinks, cocktail making equipment, bottle openers and other paraphernalia with this versatile board.

The WDN | WOODEN WORKS barman board is made from Ash.

The wood is beautiful and apart from sealing it with an eco-friendly, nontoxic sealant made from a natural vegetable oil / wax combination that is tough , durable, and long lasting we have left it as natural as we can.

It is hard and durable wood perfectly suited for serving boards and slicing.

Each WDN | WOODEN WORKS barman board is made from a different plank and will contain unique markings; this is part of the board’s original beauty.

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