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Introducing our Ash Wood Multipurpose Board, the ultimate accessory for effortless entertaining. Skillfully crafted from premium ash wood, this board is designed to cater to all your culinary needs. Available in two generous sizes, 800 x 300 x 22 mm and 600 x 250 x 22 mm, it offers ample space for cutting, carving, and serving your favorite dishes. Whether you’re preparing a feast or presenting a charcuterie spread, this versatile board combines functionality with elegance, making it a must-have for any occasion.


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Elevate your kitchen and dining experience with our Large Ash Wood Multipurpose Board, the epitome of functionality meets sophistication. This premium board, available in two sizes, 800 x 300 x 22 mm and 600 x 250 x 22 mm, is meticulously designed for the culinary enthusiast who appreciates both form and function.

Crafted from high-quality ash wood, known for its durability and appealing grain pattern, this board is not just a cutting surface but a statement piece for any kitchen. Its ample size provides a generous cutting, carving, and preparation area, making it perfect for everything from daily meal prep to hosting lavish dinner parties.

A distinctive feature of this board is its innovative 12 mm Spill Track. This carefully designed groove encircles the board's perimeter, effectively catching juices and liquids from fruits, vegetables, and meats, preventing spills and keeping your counters clean. This thoughtful addition ensures that your culinary creations are as mess-free as they are delicious.

Adding to its versatility, the board includes a handy rectangular cut-out, perfectly sized for holding spices, dips, and bowls. This feature allows you to streamline your cooking and serving process, keeping essential ingredients within reach and beautifully displayed.

Whether you're slicing fresh bread, carving a roast, or assembling an elegant cheese platter, this ash wood board seamlessly transitions from kitchen prep to table presentation. Its natural beauty and practical design make it an ideal gift for foodies, hosts, or anyone who believes that great meals start with great tools.

Choose our Large Ash Wood Multipurpose Board for a blend of elegance, durability, and utility, and transform how you prepare, serve, and enjoy your culinary creations.

Wood: Ash

600 mm x 250 mm x 22 mm
800 mm x 300 mm x 22 mm


Large cutting, carving, preparation, and serving area with a 12 mm Spill Track (stops juices and liquids from running off the board)
Handy rectangular cut-out for spices, dips, and bowls

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