Coffee Table – Arty

Introducing our Arty Printed Birch Ply Coffee Table, where modern design meets artistic expression. The eye-catching printed birch ply top adds a touch of creativity to your living space, while the sleek painted machined wood base provides stability and style. Perfect for adding a pop of colour and personality to your home, this coffee table is a versatile centrepiece for any contemporary interior.



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Introducing our exquisite Coffee Table, meticulously crafted to infuse artistry and functionality into your living space. Each piece from our WDN WORKS collection is a testament to individuality, as every birch ply product is sourced from a different plank, guaranteeing unique markings that enhance its original beauty.

At the heart of this coffee table lies the Printed Birch Ply Top, a canvas for creativity that boasts vibrant hues and captivating designs. Crafted with precision and care, this top adds a touch of artistic flair to your home, making each table a distinctive work of art. Complementing the printed top is the Painted Machined Wood Base, providing stability and sophistication to the ensemble. Its sleek finish harmonizes effortlessly with the natural charm of the birch ply, creating a striking contrast that elevates the table's aesthetic appeal.

This coffee table is perfectly proportioned for versatility and practicality. Whether you're enjoying morning coffee, hosting gatherings with friends, or simply displaying your favourite decor, this table offers ample space and style to meet your needs.

Designed to be more than just a piece of furniture, our Coffee Table embodies the essence of artistry and craftsmanship. It invites you to embrace individuality and creativity, celebrating the beauty of imperfection and uniqueness. Enhance your living space with a statement piece that not only reflects your personal style but also adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

Wood: Printed Birch Ply Top & Painted Machined Wood Base

Dimensions: 790 (L) x 580 (W) x 410 mm (H) x 9mm (Thickness)


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