Plectrum Table

Introducing our sleek Plectrum Table, marrying modern design with timeless elegance. With a Birch Ply top and a White/Black Machined Wood base, this table exudes sophistication. Whether as a coffee table, side table, or standout piece in your space, its minimalist aesthetic promises to elevate any room. Crafted for stability and style, it’s perfect for those who appreciate both functionality and refined design.



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Introducing the Plectrum Table, a captivating blend of contemporary design and enduring elegance. Crafted with precision, this remarkable piece features a Birch Ply top adorned with the exquisite natural grain patterns of wood, complemented by a White or Black Machined Wood base. The minimalist design celebrates the inherent beauty of the materials, creating a striking focal point that elevates any room it graces.

Each table is a unique expression of craftsmanship, with subtle variations in grain and texture that add character and charm. What's more, no screws are needed to put it together, ensuring a seamless assembly process that enhances the table's sleek appearance.

Whether serving as a coffee table in your living room, a side table in your study, or a standout accent piece in your music room, its versatile design lends itself to various settings and styles. Designed to captivate, the Plectrum Table is more than just furniture—it's a statement piece that sparks conversation and inspires admiration. Perfect for those who appreciate both form and function, it offers a perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Elevate your space with the timeless sophistication of the Plectrum Table, where modern design meets timeless elegance in perfect harmony.

Each WDN WORKS birch ply product is made from a different plank and will contain unique markings; this is part of the product’s original beauty.

Wood: Birch Ply Top & White / Black Machined Wood Base

Dimensions: 530mm (L) x 500 (W) x 500 mm (H) x 9mm (Thickness)


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