Wooden Pencil Holder

Introducing our Wooden Pencil Holder, a charming blend of simplicity and elegance for your workspace. Crafted from layered pine ply, this pencil holder boasts a natural finish that highlights its unique texture and timeless beauty. Designed to keep your pencils, pens, and other writing instruments neatly organized, it ensures that your desk remains clutter-free. Its compact and sturdy construction makes it a perfect fit for any desk, adding a touch of rustic sophistication to your office or home workspace. Whether you’re a student, professional, or artist, this Wooden Pencil Holder is a stylish and practical accessory that elevates your desk’s organization and aesthetic. Keep your essentials within easy reach while enhancing your workspace with this classic piece.


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Wood: Layered Pine Ply

Dimensions: 8.5 cm (W) x 8.5 cm (L) x 11 cm (H)


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