Laser engrave names, quotes, or anything that springs to mind onto your WDN WORKS product. Use your imagination, go with one or a combination of our suggestions below or simply use them as thought starters. If you are wanting more, we can engrave artwork, pictures and logos.

Barman Board
C’s Bar, 29 On Northumberland, Cradock’s Pub, Cradock’s Pub Est 2022, CBC, “Let’s Drink To Nothing In Particular”, “Friends & Wine, the Older the Better”, “Drink What Makes You Happy With Friends That Make You Laugh”, “Friends Are Therapists You Can Drink With”, “You Are Only As Strong As The Drinks You Mix, The Tables You Dance On And The Friends You Party With”, “The Best Beers Are The Ones We Drink With Friends”, “A True Friend Reaches For Your Hand and Puts a Wine Glass In It”, “Here’s To The Nights We’ll Never Remember With The Friends We’ll Never Forget”, “Don’t Let Your Friends Drink Alone”, “Lag, Spiel, Drink”, “Chris’s Bar Rules”, “My Pub Rules”

Barista Board
Chris’s WDN WORKS Barista Board, Coffee King Chris, “Let’s Make Coffee”, “Stay Calm & Make Coffee”, “Life Is Short So Drink Coffee”, “In Coffee We Trust”, “Drink Coffee With Chris”, “Wake, Coffee, Sleep, Repeat”, “A Bad Day With Coffee Is Better Than A Good Day Without It”, “I Don’t Need An Inspirational Quote I Need Coffee”, “Coffee Makes Life Better”, “I’m Fuelled By Happy Thoughts & Coffee”, “A Coffee A Day Keeps A Grumpy Away”, “Life Happens Coffee Helps”, “Coffee Makes Life Better”, “Coffee The Most Important Meal Of The Day”, “All You Need Is Coffee”, “Life Begins After Coffee”, “Good Ideas Start With Coffee”, “A Yawn Is A Silent Scream For Coffee”, “OCD Obsessive Coffee Disorder”, “Coffee And Then The World”


Braai Master Chris, Braai King Chris, Come Braai With Chris, Let’s Braai With Chris, Chris’s WDN WORKS Braai Master Board, “Wake Braai Sleep Repeat”, “Nou Gaan Ons Braai”, “We Call It Braai Because Barbeque is a Chip Flavour”, “You’ll Find Me By The Braai”, “Live To Braai”, “Stay Calm and Braai On”, “Braai, Kuier, Lag, Spiel, Drink”, “Bly Kalm Ons Sal Nou Braai”, “Shisa Nyama”, “Let’s Braai”, “Braai With Chris”, “Real Men Braai”, “In Braai’s We Trust”, “Never Trust A Skinny Braai Master”, “Life Is Short So Braai”


Dad’s Kitchen, “Dad Can Cook!”, “World’s Best Dad”, “Dad Is, and Always Will Be My Living, Breathing Superhero”, “Some People Don’t Believe In Superhero’s But They Haven’t Met My Dad”, “Fun Dad, Wise Dad, Kind Dad, Strong Dad, Fair Dad, Sweet Dad, Best Dad, My Dad”, “I’m As Lucky As Can be Because The Best Dad Belongs To Me”, “A Man Can Be A Father But It Takes Someone Special To Be A Dad”, “My Father The Best Dad Ever”, “To The World You Are Our Dad, To Our Family You Are The World”, “My Dad Is A Hero”, “Dad. A Sons First Hero. A Daughters First Love”, “Best Dad”, “Dad’s Know A Lot, Grandpas Know Everything”


Mum’s Kitchen, “Mum Can Cook!”, “Worlds Best Mum”, “No Matter What Age I’ll Always Need You Mum”, “Mum You Are Simply The Best”, “I Am A Strong Woman Because A Strong Woman Raised Me”, “A Mum’s Love Is More Beautiful Than Any Fresh Flower”, “Amazing, Loving, Strong, Happy, Selfless, Graceful”, “Always My Mother, Forever My Friend”, “Life Doesn’t Come With A Manual It Comes With A Mother”, “Mum’s Are The Real Superhero’s Of The World”, “The Only Thing Better Than Having You For A Mum Is My Children Having You For A Grandmother”, “Mum’s The Name Chaos Is The Game”, “Home Is Where Mum Is”, “My Nickname Is Mum But My Full Name Is Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum”, “Mum Thankyou For Being My Anchor In This Stormy Sea Of Life”, “Mum You Are Nothing Short Of Amazing”, “I Love My Mum”


Cradock, Chris, CBC

Chefs Board

Ella’s WDN WORKS Chefs Board, Ella’s Kitchen, Master Chef Ella, Ella Queen Of The Kitchen, Tom King Of The Kitchen, Queen Of The Kitchen Ella Cradock, King Of The Kitchen Tom Cradock, Ella’s Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home, “Cooking With Love Provides Food For The Soul”, “Ella’s Kitchen Family & Friends Always Welcome”, “Cooking With Love”, “Always Cook With Passion”, “Kitchen Is A Heart At Home”, “My Kitchen Rules”, “Let’s Eat”, “Let’s Cook”, “Keep Calm & Cook On”, “Bon Appetit”, “Cook With Love”, “Real Men Cook”, “In Food We Trust”, “Never Trust A Skinny Chef”, “Let’s Cook Something Yummy”, “This Kitchen Is Seasoned With Love”, “Life Is Short Lick The Spoon”, “The Secret Ingredient Is Always Love”, “Good Food, Good Life”, “First We Eat Then We Do Everything Else”, “Meals & Memories Are Made Here”,

Anniversary / Wedding

Chris & Beth January 2000, The Cradock’s Est January 2000, Mr & Mrs Chris & Beth Cradock Est January 2000, “Chris Loves Beth”, Chris & Beth And So The Adventure Begins”,


CBC, Chris, The Cradock’s, Cradock, 29 On Northumberland, “Let’s Eat”, “Good Food, Good Life”, “Come Gather At Out Table”, “Together Is A Wonderful Place To Be”, “Gather, Eat, Laugh, Bond”, “Make Memories”, “Food, Family, Friends, Love”

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