Square Box Planter

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Transform your green spaces with our premium wooden planter boxes, a sophisticated departure from traditional plastic planters. Crafted with simplicity and elegance in mind, these unique planters promise not only to enhance the aesthetic of your space but also to turn any area into a stunning green oasis. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, they offer a timeless charm guaranteed to elevate your environment. Embrace the beauty of nature with a stylish upgrade that’s not just a home for your plants, but a statement piece for your space.



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The WDN WORKS Planter range, a meeting of beautiful design and practicality, is made from pine ply that is sealed to allow for potting soil and planting. Drainage holes are located at the bottom along with a hidden drip tray. If you don’t want to transplant your plants, simply drop the existing potted plant into the Planter.

The wood is hard, durable, and once sealed is perfectly suited for planters. Each WDN WORKS pine ply product is made from a different plank and will contain unique markings; this is part of the product’s original beauty.

Wood: Layered Pine Ply

Sizes Available:

  • 84 mm (H) x 84 mm (L) x 84 mm (W) x 6 mm (Thickness)
  • 111 mm (H) x 111 mm (L) x 111 mm (W) x 7 mm (Thickness)
  • 142 mm (H) x 142 mm (L) x 142 mm (W) x 9 mm (Thickness)
  • 177 mm (H) x 177 mm (L) x 177 mm (W) x 12 mm (Thickness)
  • 217 mm (H) x 217 mm (L) x 217 mm (W) x 14 mm (Thickness)
  • 264 mm (H) x 264 mm (L) x 264 mm (W) x 17 mm (Thickness)
  • 318 mm (H) x 318 mm (L) x 318 mm (W) x 21 mm (Thickness)
  • 380 mm (H) x 380 mm (L) x 380 mm (W) x 25 mm (Thickness)
  • 456 mm (H) x 456 mm (L) x 456 mm (W) x 30 mm (Thickness)

What's in the box?
1 x Square Wooden Planter (select your planter size in the dropdown)

6 reviews for Square Box Planter

  1. Hendrik

    ‘m thrilled with the Square Box Planter from WDN Works! It’s the perfect size for my balcony garden and has transformed the space completely.

  2. Hendrik

    It’s quite sturdy and holds a good amount of soil for plants to thrive.

  3. Lerato

    Absolutely love this planter!

  4. Pieter Coetzee

    I purchased several Square Box Planters for my rooftop garden, and they’ve completely exceeded my expectations.

  5. Nomsa

    The design of the Square Box Planter is beautiful, and it fits well with my outdoor furniture.

  6. Johan Steyn

    Good quality and aesthetically pleasing

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